We need your help!

The rules proposed by the Dept. of Agriculture will go for a legislative review in January due to the many letters opposing the many changes. Also a representative with the House of Representatives will introduce a bill in January asking that EBI be the only means of euthanasia for the entire state of N.C. So let’s start contacting our representatives and encourage them to support this bill! Many feel this is the only way we will ever get the gas chambers abolished!
In addition, the Stokes County shelter is now doing EBI on puppies and kittens less than 16 weeks of age. They are STILL using the homemade gas chamber on all others. We need to press for our county commissioners to make the final move to EBI with adult animals at the shelter. They need to hear YOUR voices!


After just 2 days of calls, (last Thurs & Fri) the feedback we are getting is that they are getting a LOT of calls. Let’s keep up the pressure on N.C. as an example of a state which is revising its killing protocols but decided to still not ban gassing. Please continue to call N.C. Gov. Easley at 919-733-4240 and 919-733-5811, Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler at 919-733-7125, and Chamber of Commerce Pres Lew Ebert at 919-836-1407 and tell them that you will boycott N.C. goods and will spread the word about the gassing practices of N.C. Please send us a brief email of what each office says to you. WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK TO ASSESS HOW THEY ARE REACTING.

Now comes the second step in the “End the Gassing of Pets” campaign.


Together we could get “End Gassing of Pets” on the presidential campaign policy platforms.


Obama’s Democratic Campaign is holding party platform recommendation meetings July 19-27 IN EVERY COMMUNITY IN THE COUNTRY. Registration to attend these small 5-10 person meetings is FREE and ENORMOUS INFLUENCE CAN BE OBTAINED ON WHAT GETS INCLUDED IN THE  OFFICIAL PARTY PLATFORM BY ATTENDING THE ONE IN YOUR COMMUNITY. You must register by THIS COMING TUESDAY July 15 at http://my.barackoba ma.com/page/ content/listenin g.

Simply type in your zip code and the nearest meeting will pop up for you to register and attend. Please go to the brief meeting and request that  “END THE GASSING OF PETS” be included in the Democratic party platform. These meetings are for one hour only and are centrally located in most communities. The one near me was just 5 blocks away.

Please take one hour of your time to do this in memory of all dogs and cats being killed by torture in America ‘s horrific gas chambers. (Gassing video link below.)
We will send the Republican party platform committee meeting info after the Democratic policy platform process is finished.

If you need motivation to dedicate one hour of your time for our best friends who are being terrorized prior to being killed by gas, I urge you to watch the video at



 http://www.companio nanimalnetworktv .org/Videos/ yadkin_county. mov


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